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Elder Abuse Investigation System

Elder abuse is a very common and rampant issue in America. It is difficult to determine how widespread abuse is. Sample studies continue to confirm that more occur than are ever reported, estimated at about one in every four instances. Between 1986 and 1994, the National Center on Elder Abuse reports a 106% increase in abuse against the Elderly. Without a nationwide tracking system to record and measure instances of elder abuse, individual states have had to rely on the efforts of independent investigators.

A nation wide tracking system would allow workers to spend less time would be organizing and sorting data and cases. Their time could then be redirected toward addressing the issues. Implementing advanced systems such as the Automated Protective Services system in Oklahoma would improve the situation greatly across the nation. States implementing the same system would benefit from easier trending and research as the information compiled from each location could provide the nation with more information about elder abuse and the scope of the problem.

Oklahoma’s DHS Adult Protective Services program speaks to other states about the value of their Elder Abuse Investigation system and how other states can benefit. The intent is to reveal a detailed report about Elder Abuse to encourage strong support at the national level.

To learn more about Oklahoma’s Elder Abuse Investigation system read the case study or request a demo.