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Adult Protective Services System Mobile App



Let's face it.  You probably didn't become an APS worker because you love your windshield time. 

We know how important every minute of your time is. That's why LEAPS is rolling out its next innovation in human services technology: a mobile app to help you maximize your time while on the road.

Our mobile app features:

  • Incoming referrals
  • Safety and Emergency Alerts
  • Ability to plan a more efficient route
  • Upload Casenotes and Interviews

See It Right When It Comes In

Our mobile app, companion to the adult protective services system, lists your entire caseload, including incoming referrals you have not yet accepted, ensuring you'll never miss an emergency again. In addition, your caseloads are plotted out on a map so you can design your route in a way that works for you.

Stay Connected

For more information about our mobile app fill out our contact form and we'll keep you up-to-date on all new developments that M.A.P.S. offers. Want to see for yourself how it works? Let us know and we'll set up an online demo. Depending on our schedule in your area, we'll even give a live in-person presentation of M.A.P.S. Contact us today to see what M.A.P.S. can do for you.